What Is OOC And IC ? Information Here !!!!

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What Is OOC And IC ? Information Here !!!!

Post  Grim on Tue Nov 15, 2011 5:27 pm

What Is OOC ? OOC is Out Of Character meaning anything that does not have to do with our in game character life so pretty much leaves it off to anything thats in our real life world stuff -----

What Is IC ? IC Is In Character witch means any and everything that has to do with our in game life so pretty much our characters and others that has to deal with us living in character in Los Santos ------

More Detailed Information Below

What is ooc and ic you wonder well ooc means out of character and when are they times you should use ooc witch is out of charcter chat you should use it if you make a report and the admin accepts it and then you may use the ooc chat so if a admin teleports to you please do not use in character chat witch is IC ,,, Ic is In Character so if your ooc with a admin and he teleports to you do not i repeat do not use in character chat with him or other wize you are mixing and also practically metagaming at the same time so you may use ooc chat mainly if your asking out of character qustions like what is going on in our real life world and not the game so like if i came up and said hey whos winning the football team that would be a out of character qustion unless we where playing foot ball in the game so now lets move on to IC stuff witch once again is in character lets say someone comes up and says hey man how did you do on your grades at school today you would not respond by pressin T for In Character chat to respond that would be a out of character qustion so if someone comes up to you and says hey man how much for that car you got would you rent it out to me or let me buy it now thats a in character qustion or if they ask wheres city hall in character then thats fine but if they press B or U or /pm and ask then it is ooc metagaming seeming they did not ask in character hope this helps a bit..... ( I'll add more information as i see more people having problems with learning what )

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