How To Roleplay Vehicles Crashes And How to RP With it "Important For Newbie's"

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How To Roleplay Vehicles Crashes And How to RP With it "Important For Newbie's"

Post  JackAndrew on Tue Dec 20, 2011 12:38 am

If you have a car Crash here is what you should do.

If it was Hard Crash In the wall Or car. ( With Car )
You would act like there would be AirBags If the Car you was Driving Is ( Modern Car )
/do The Air Bags would be Opened
Then RP your Head movement
/me 's Head Smashes in the airBags
/me Puts his head on the airBags
If there isn't AirBags ( Old Car Or Not modern One ) Do
/me 's Head Smashes in the Driving Wheel
You Can Do -- If You would trying to get out of the car
/me Attempts to get out of the Car
if there was RPing it with some one do
/do S/F ?
Then he can answer if you would get out and how? Example..
/do F , Reason : There is a stone behind the door
If S -- For example
/me Gets out of the car and lays on the ground
then say what's your injured in ( Your Stats ) Example--
/do There would be Blood Comes out of my head.
The Other man that your RPing with should call 911
Now We are done the Car Part

If you was driving a Bike Or Motor Cycle
If you was smashed hard in a wall or car
if you have noticed the car
/me jumps of his Bike Fast
If you didn't notice it
/me would fall off the bike
then say what your injured in
/do my arm would be broken
And same with the wall..
Bike part Done
Important Note : You can't jump off high Buildings With Cars Or Bikes.. Even if the car was 100% Good Cuz that would be Non Realistic and against RPing Rules

Thanks For Reading.

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