Change Gang Name to Seville Boulevard Outlawz

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Change Gang Name to Seville Boulevard Outlawz

Post  keyshaun915 on Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:35 am

I want A Gang Named "Seville Boulevard Saints".
This Gang Is About Everything. Cool With Some Gangs.

Young Blood
Big Boy
Young Killer
Weed Man
Gun Man

Young Blood: New Member.
Big Boy: Second Hand Man.
Young Killer: First Hand Man.
Expert: Higher Rank.
Weed Man: Weed Maker/seller.
Gun Man: Gun Maker/seller.
Co-Leader: Second Leader.
Leader: Main Leader.

I want Our HQ/Hood To be In Seville.

I want A Savanna For our Faction car And I will get the Other cars i want.

We Mainly gonna Chill Cruise. And Handle Any Problems We have.

My Character "Lamontae Johnson Jr" Will be the Leader.

I would be Pleased If you Make The Faction For Me And Rate this For Best In the World.

Icly Name: Lamontae Johnson Jr.

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