Bryce Pickens Flight License Application

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Bryce Pickens Flight License Application

Post  pickens on Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:02 pm

In Character Information]]

•Date: Feb 28
•First Name:Bryce
•Last Name:Pickens
•Contact Number:65541
•Date of birth:Sept 5 1990
•Gender: Male
•Age 21
•Address: Pickens manor ( behind vinewood sign)

•Why are you applying for a pilots license?: To open a private tour buisness

•Have you had any previous experience in flying helicopters/planes before?: Yes i flew some choppers before

•Are you afraid of heights?: Yes [ ] No [X]

•Have you committed any crimes?: (Please List) None that i can remember

•Do you promise not to give your license to anybody else? Yes [X] No [ ]

•Do you agree that if you fail the final test you will may be charged again? Yes [X] No [ ]

[[Out of character information]]

•RL Age?: 13
•What country do you live in?: canada
•How long have you been RolePlaying here at Grimz?:4-6 months probably
•What is your timezone? (GMT): Mountain time
•What other factions are you affiliated with?: LSES
•Ever got jailed/warned/banned? If yes, for what reason?: I have been jailed many times mainly by myslef
•Do you understand and agree that your Administration record may be researched?: Yes

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