What Is Power Gaming ? Find Out A Bit About It Here

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What Is Power Gaming ? Find Out A Bit About It Here

Post  Grim on Sat Nov 05, 2011 5:13 am

Power Gaming can be considered as you being tazzed after a chase from the police and you just get back up with out any roleplay of spazing out and attempting to get back up and try to run but depending on your character size is the longer or the shorter you will need to stay down seeming how in character the cops use high power wat tazzers so the tazz should last about 30 seconds to one minute also what else can be considered as power gaming is like lets say you get ran over by a car and don't roleplay back that is also if you get ran over and just get up like nothing happend then that would be considered Power Gaming so pretty much its things thats impossible to do in real life kinda like if the moon dropped on you and you act as you can pick it up and just trow it off you so use common sence about what power gaming is....

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