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Post  Cole Mon Nov 14, 2011 2:15 pm

Your In-Game Account Name (Previous/Current]: Salvatore Maranzano
Your real-life Age: 14 almost 15
Country of Residence: England
Timezone: Gmt 0
How long have you been on Grimz?: around 8 months

Have you ever...

... been warned or banned on the Grimz Roleplay Server? If so, why?: N/A

... hacked on another server? If so, do you still use hacks or any mods?: N/A

... been an admin on any other server?: N/A

... are you currently an Administrator on another server?: N/A

... played on any other roleplay servers? If yes, which?: N/A

Why do you want to become an Administrator?: Well To be honest I'd like to Experience being Something I've never had the chance to do before, Although I haven't been an Admin before doesn't mean I'm shit at any thing I just don't feel that I needed to be one until now. Also I'm Active.

What do you think an administrator does here?: They Assist people in any way they can and Teach people, also make sure there's no rule breakers i.e Hackers, Also they keep peace

What would you bring to the Grimz Administration team as in skills and ect?: My knowledge on the server and I could most properly teach a few people some roleplay, although I'm not that bad a rping

How would you correct the problems in our server (if any) if made administrator?: Make sure People Play a Fair and Happy Gaming experience and Gaming online is meant to be Fun Not Doom and gloom by the Trollers

What are your goals as a Member and if made a Grimz Administrator?: Help as many people as I can to Insure a safe Experience

Rephrase four ingame rules in your own words, and provide examples. Also, tell what admin action are you going to take against them (Pick them yourself):
Deathmatching = Killings people without a Good Valid Reason. May Cause roughly 10 minutes in jail
Refusing to rp = You SHOULD Roleplay at all Times. Accept for when admin says your ooc like in a private chat ect. May cause 5-10 minutes in jail
Metagaming, Using Out Of Character Information In Character i.e "/pm Cole Where are you?" Should always be in ic not ooc around 1-5 minutes in jail
NO Ooc insults, i.e "/o Fuck off Salvatore your Fat little Twat" All insults should be kept to your self. Results in a 5-15 minutes jail.
Do you understand, providing false information may lead to a ban?: Yes, I Will not be Corrupt in any way.

If accepted, do you promise to be active and accept that if your not active that you may not ever get admin again?: I accept.

Will you listen to the higher ups and always do your admin work, fairly and accurately according to the rules of Grimz?: Obviously, I may need to work on some of that but Its all good.

Also one thing if you abuse once your done being admin spawning weapons money and ect so by this do you agree to never spawn money, weapons , cars and items?!?: Why would I need to do that? it useless

Do not be mean to players try your best to get along with them and help them when it is needed even if they are being mean just accept some people are like that and its a way of life at times so try to be nice even to the ones that are mean to us if they break the rules jail them if they are new help them because being a admin is not just about having powers it is about helping others the best you and we can thats the Rule 1 of our Admin Team do you agree ?: N0.1 I'm Always Nice. accept for ic

Any contact information you can provide? [MSN/Email]: Dannytj2@live.co.uk / Porterdominic@hotmail.com
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