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Really Nice Suggestion-

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Really Nice Suggestion- Empty Really Nice Suggestion-

Post  JackAndrew Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:21 pm

Hey guys , I had a really good and cool Idea and making the way in role-play more easier here is the idea..
As we all know to join a Legal Faction Or Gov Faction we Should Apply here , right ?
so Why we don't make it easier for the Applier and the Apps Manger ?
Simply the Applier would have a D-Pad Then He Can Open The Faction Website then he open it , in the Faction website there should be A Button Should be named " Join Us " Or " Make App " .. etc when the Applier press on the Button the Form Comes out with the rules of applying the player will fill the Form then he send it to the Manger of Apps or the leader , and the leader Reply's on the Applier , Nice ha ?

How that will help and whats difference ?

- More Easier for the Player to Apply
- More Easier for the Leader To Check the APP's
- Best Role-play Way To Apply
- A really difference and new idea that can't be found in other Role-play Servers
- Not Hard for player to came on the site and register .. blah blah blah
- More than 1 Person Using the APP's Mail "TRUSTED PERSONS"
- One Of the Important Things " 80% Of the Player on the server don't use the D-Pad " And that may make it more Inactive
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