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State Police Application

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  State Police Application Empty State Police Application

Post  John_Baller Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:38 pm

When you make a new post for this use this as the topic:Your name-State Police Application
First Name:
Last Name:
Middle Name:
Phone Number:
Do you have a void gun Licenses?:
Do you have a void drivers Licenses?:
Where were you born at?:
What is your nationality?:
What crimes have you done?:
Why do you wish to join the State Police?:
What skills do you have that can help you in the line of duty?:

I __________ will not be a corrupt cop I will follow all State Police Rules if I fail to follow thoses rules I will be fired from the State Police and not be able to join back.

Have you worked for the State Police or any Police Force before?:
What does the word "Police" mean to you?:
What is common sense mean to you?:

Sign here:

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