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lses app Lincoln Williams

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lses app Lincoln Williams Empty lses app Lincoln Williams

Post  Lincoln Williams Tue Dec 13, 2011 2:40 pm

( In Character )

First Name: Lincoln

Last Name: Williams

Phone Number: 15360

Address: Washington street1

D.O.B. (Date of Birth): 1990/10/5

Department/Position you are applying for? (Check which applys)

[x ] - Paramedic

[ ] - Firefighter

What was your previous employment, and why have you left?: I have no previous job.

Why are you applying for this Position within the Los Santos Emergency Services?: I love to save people lives and make the city of los Santos save.

What skills do you possess, that you could bring with you into this position?: I can RP good AND drive good.

Why should we choose you, over any other applicant?: I love to save people lives and help and enjoy saving the people lives of los Santos.

Do you have a valid drivers license?: Yes

Are you fully aware, that from applying to the Los Santos Emergency Services, a FULL LSPD Police Check will be done on you backround?:

Please sign your Full name below
_LINCOLN WILLIAMS______________


Name: Lincoln Williams

Age: 16

Location & Timezone & What server times you can be active?: gmt-1

How long have you been playing on Grimz Roleplay?: Just Started

How long have you been involved within the Grimz Community?: N/A

How active are you roughly in a weeks time? Server/Forum/: ALOT

Have you ever played on any other Roleplay Server? If so which?: YES SHODOWN

What’s your reasoning for wanting to join the Los Santos Emergency Services?: I want to save people lives and make them saver to live and make the citizens of los Santos safer.

Ever been banned/warned/jailed/kicked? If so, for what?: NO

Are you FULLY aware, that a full Admin check will be done upon your account, to ensure you are eligible to be accepted?:

I __I AGREE_________ Agree, and fully accept to any ban/jail that may occur if I do happen to be lying OOCLY throughout application.

I I AGREE_________ Agree, that I will obey the server rules, and agree upon role play at ALL Time, even when no one is around

Lincoln Williams
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lses app Lincoln Williams Empty Re: lses app Lincoln Williams

Post  zCloudz Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:38 pm

Your Application has been DECLINED

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