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Sonny Carleone-Will

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Sonny Carleone-Will Empty Sonny Carleone-Will

Post  Angel Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:34 pm

--- Your In Character Information ---

First Name :Sonny

Last Name :Carleone

Family Members :Frank Carleone,William Carleone,Boby Angel,Baptiste John

Family Members You Would Send Money To :Frank Carleone

Family Members You Would Send Property's To :Frank Carlone

Family Members You Would Send Your Vehicles To :Frank Carleone

Friends Who You Would Send Money To :

Friends Who You Would Send Property To :

Friends Who You Would Send Vehicles To :

--- In Character Will : Who Do You Want To Send Your Belongings To ---

This We Will Need You To Fill Out The Information The Above Information Was Where We Are Checking To See Who You Allow It To Be Sent To Also To Check Their Names Out To Check If They Are Alive And Not And There Numbers
So Please Fill The Rest Out %100 Knowing That It Is The Right Person And People Or Person You Want It Sent To...

Send My Money To :

Send My Property's To :

Send My Vehicles To :

Now After You Filling Out All Of There Information We Will Now Need You To Give Us Your Signature...

Your Signature Here :Sonny Santino Carleone.
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