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Working for the government

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Working for the government Empty Working for the government

Post  Grim Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:41 am

Working for the government 29pew5z

We need more than talented individuals. We operate in a culture of personal responsibility
and active collaboration, and we need people who can work and thrive in such an environment.
One in which they are motivated to maximise their own potential, but also in which they
enable others to reach theirs as well.

This is a simple one: If you did it, you pay it. We need people who take personal responsibility
on their actions, for good or bad. We don't need people who blame others for things
that they did themselves, of people taking other's merits.

-Hard Work and Innovation
Los Santos is a constantly changing and challenging city. We need to keep up with the
citizens of the city, find the best ways to help them with what we've got, and find
new ways to make people feel good, secure and just... happy about living
in Los Santos.

-Honesty and Loyalty
We do NOT tolerate any way of corruption or lying. Not even a slight bit. The less
the government needs is someone who can put our plans in danger, or make us
look bad in front of everyone. We need someone who can put his job in front of
friendship and money, this means: You're NOT going to give advantage to people
for any of these reasons, here, everyone is treated the same.

Working for the government X21hsz

As a Government worker you will have some advantages:

Steady income, with medical insurance and Christmas bonus.
Access to the Government transportation, which vary depending on your
occupation, from Premiers to our Leviathan.
Access to out new housing complex, to help you while you get your own place.


(( NO OOC Corruption will be tolerated at any time!))

((IC Corruption is slightly tolerated. Things like

Minor crimes))

((NOT allowed:

Illegal weapon carrying, buying, selling, etc.
Drugs of any kind.
Grand Theft Auto
Any kind of money laundry or information leaking))

((IC problems like not following the rules mentioned above can be punished OOCly))

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