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Mafia App. (Joining paper not a personal app)

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Mafia App. (Joining paper not a personal app) Empty Mafia App. (Joining paper not a personal app)

Post  John Betterson Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:15 pm

First Name:
Last Name:
Weapons Licenses: [O] Yes [O] No
Drivers Licenses: [O] Yes [O] No

Do you have experience in use of guns?:

Do you have experience kidnapping robbing and stealing?:

Do you know how to drive and drift in very fast speeds?:

Have you ever been arrested?:

List the following crimes made:

Phone Number:

Once you have joined the Mafia every mission failed ordered by a chief will be a finger cut of or a get shot once in leg or arm.If you try to escape the Mafia after joined we will bring pain and death to you and your family.If you join the Mafia you cannot but ever steal part of the money for your self if we find out we will kill you in less then you can say "Hello."By joining the Mafia you will be making crimes and doing and Bull shit you cant do.Only leaders can tell orders!Thank you for joining the Mafia if you bring us lots of money you will rank up every time.

Leader Of Mafia: John Betterson
Mafia allies: Bloodz

John Betterson
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