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Random RP -Lexy Sierra-

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Random RP -Lexy Sierra- Empty Random RP -Lexy Sierra-

Post  Cloudz0r Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:07 am

2012-01-28 23:50:53 [English] Jack Betterson says: Officer I was not douching anyone
2012-01-28 23:51:00 [English] Bryce Pickens says: Sir
2012-01-28 23:51:04 [English] Jack Betterson says: Yes
2012-01-28 23:51:05 [English] Bryce Pickens says: I know you were fucking this women
2012-01-28 23:51:11 [English] Jack Betterson says: No?

2012-01-28 23:51:48 [English] Bryce Pickens says: Why is there three guys in here and one girl
2012-01-28 23:51:59 [English] Lexy Sierra shouts: The medic tried to sexually assault me!!
2012-01-28 23:52:00 *Jack Betterson puts some shots on the cop and the man to go to sleep and forget everything
2012-01-28 23:52:06 [English] Ryan McCoy says: I told you he tried to rape her i saved the day

2012-01-28 23:53:18 [English] Jack Betterson says: This officer is trying to have sex and 69 people.
Random RP -Lexy Sierra- Troll

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Random RP -Lexy Sierra- Empty Re: Random RP -Lexy Sierra-

Post  MichealD. Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:23 am

Al i gotta say is XD
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