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New Protocol!

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New Protocol! Empty New Protocol!

Post  jeremaniak Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:57 am

Hello Officers,

I am here to announce you that there is a new radio protocol!
Over-Only used When you are Expecting a reply to your transmission.
Out- Only Used When you are not Expecting a reply to your transmission.

Status Codes
Status one On-Duty Availble to take any incoming calls
Status two Off-Duty
Status three Break/Maintenance

10-1 Responding Loud/Silent
10-2 Arriving To the last 911 call
10-3 Negative
10-4 Affirmative
10-5 Repeat
10-6 Standby
10-7 Report to Location
10-8 Suspect lost
10-10 Activity Update
10-12 Backup Needed
10-15 Requesting Ambulance
10-17 Description
10-20 Location
10-22 Disregard
10-30 Patrolling (area, Vehicle)
10-31 Returning to LSPD HQ
10-99 Assignment Complete

Before you go status 2 ALWAYS: Refuel, Fix, Handbrake, Close Windows And park it where you took it.

Yours Sincerly,

Chief R.McCoy

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