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Post  GrimzRoleplay Mon Feb 20, 2012 3:21 pm

The Reason Why I wanna be back a admin ? is
Ima very helpful admin i try to help who ever need help every when i'm Rping when i rp i get Pm's saying Frank White Can you help
me with this. or where is my car." Know what i do i'll pause my Roleplay go /adminduty and /goto (id) "asking how may i help you"
I never been a A@@ to player when i'm trying to help them even do there some player how just don't listen and want to do what ever.idon't go around spreading Rumor or Jailing them for not listen. or jail them and cover it up say Non-rp i Try To help a player over and over again even if they player call me a fagit,dickhead,fucker etc............ To me Grimz is my Family i'm on it everyday or when i'm busy i will try to get on and play for a hour or Two a person who disrespect Grimz is like Disrespecting my mother and i don't like it i won't get mad i'll just put you in your place, and showing you how you act.
Please put back as admin everybody make a mistake in there life. and you wanna know why i lost admin is because i did /disappear and shot Jordan OOCly. and no it's wasn't no misclick iadmit idid it and i'm sorry for that.

Frank White

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