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LSSA (Los Santos Spy Agents) Shay Helivery faction request

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LSSA (Los Santos Spy Agents) Shay Helivery faction request Empty LSSA (Los Santos Spy Agents) Shay Helivery faction request

Post  yonar02 Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:57 am

Name: Shay Helivery

IC reason: Shay Helivery have been studying how to spy, gather informations, remember names and faces for ages.
Now he wants to use them to help people that have suspicions about other people or just want to find out something,
about other person, or even people that think that their partner is cheating on him or her.

OOC reason: I got bored of doing those jobs that are on the Grimz server and i want to do something interesting and fun to Rp on the Grimz server, and help other players to find out others players names ICly.

LSSA is a faction that will help any type of person: a mayor or a president, person from mafia or gang or just a normal


The master of spies
Proffesional Spy
Full Trained Spy
Good Trained Spy
Well Trained Spy
Recruit Spy
Trainee Spy



If it could be accepted it would be good and i can do the rules but if i can't because someone else has to im fine
with it.

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