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SLU Gang Request

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SLU Gang Request Empty SLU Gang Request

Post  yonar02 Sat Mar 31, 2012 12:54 pm

Leader: Rysiek Nowy

(IC REASON) - SLU Gang is a gang that came from Poland and now tries to have a bit of a taste of a LS and take a bit of land from the LS and to look for the people that done something wrong by starting on wrong people. Their colour are red and white mostly red, anyone that messes with them will end up shot dead in the head and a knife in the heart to show everyone else that if they mess with SLU they will regret it they even heard of them.

(OOC REASON) - I was a bit bored RPing like an everyday normal person so i thought of making a gang. I come from Poland so i choose that as their country.

One day Rysiek and his friend's assulted a young man on the streets in Poland. After 24h they come back home and all they see is their demolised house and red spraypaint on the door saying " If you mess with any of my people you will regret it ". After that they gathered a few informations that they moved to LS and made a gang there.
Untill now SLU gang is in LS and still looking for the people that done that.

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SLU Gang Request Empty Re: SLU Gang Request

Post  jeremaniak Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:28 pm

I think we have enough gangs in this server and you can maybe join one

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