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Few Tips On What Meta Gaming Could Be Considered

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Few Tips On What Meta Gaming Could Be Considered  Empty Few Tips On What Meta Gaming Could Be Considered

Post  Grim Sat Nov 05, 2011 5:06 am

Theres a few things that can help you a bit with what is MG witch MG is Meta Gaming witch can be considered as you meeting up with someone in the game but they never tell you there name or full name and you see there name tag and you say there name in character that would be Meta Gaming seeming they did not give you there name so you don't know it... Another Mg is considered also when a player gets a phonebook and calls someone they met but the person they met never gave there last name or there number out that would be Meta Gaming also now if you say there name in ooc witch ooc is out of character that is fine even if they have not told you there name seeming its OOC it don't matter to call them by there full name before they tell you it in character..... Another thing that is considered Meta Gaming is if someone in Global OOC Chat or Pm says where are you or hey lets meet at Idlewood gas station or anywhere is considered Meta Gaming that is why we have cell phones in the game and /ad to use... So that narrows down a little bit of the simple stuff i'll add more to this as i find what people are having problems understanding or need to understand !!!!

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