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The Bucchioni's Member Request..... Reply on here

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The Bucchioni's Member Request..... Reply on here Empty The Bucchioni's Member Request..... Reply on here

Post  Cole Fri Nov 11, 2011 5:35 am

This Mafia/mob Is Located at the Big Ranch East of Ls Bank, Want to join? Post and app here by reply also Try and roleplay with me, 2 members including my self at the minute but I've currently been off since I thought my hard-rive was bust but it was just my laptop keys but I'm on all the time now. Rich Faction, got loads of vehicles that I will make faction when I Ask Jason or frank ect.. Supply's its own Guns High Tech Weapons. Any way Want to Apply? Just Reply at the bottom of this and i'll check every hour or so and decide.

(In Game)
Ethnic (Black, White, Asian):
Last Employment:
If you Worked for any Es:
Criminal Record?:
Who you are?(paragraph about your self):
Why you want to join?:
Skills Out of 10:
Planing Escape Routes:
What will you bring to the Group?:

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