||Gang Request||Rasta boyz||Frank White aka Reggie Marley||

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||Gang Request||Rasta boyz||Frank White aka Reggie Marley||

Post  GrimzRoleplay on Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:23 pm

Rasta boyz will be a rasta gang who only take
rasta into there gang! there a big gang from Kingston Jamaica
who move to San Andreas to cover more ground out of Jamaica
there a big drug lord gang in Jamaica they have many bodyguards
who watch over the boss at all time!

the Rasta boyz are smart,sneaky and cleaver. they will kill
who ever in there way to get what ever they want. they always treat ladys kind
and greatful. Rasta are big time spenders and most of them always smell like weed

I already got the rasta boyz skin mods i already script it

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