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Server Rules Empty Server Rules

Post  Grim Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:55 am

MTA Server Rules - Part I

1. Role play at all times unless you're in admin-jail. Only administrators are allowed to declare a
situation to be OOC and/or interrupt an RP event.

2. Do not deathmatch (DM). You must have a valid role play reason for attacking another player.

3. Do not revenge kill (RK). If you reach 0 HP and respawn you are to role play memory loss of
events leading up to the death. You cannot retaliate against the person or group that killed you.

4. Do not metagame.

5. Do not powergame. In all role play situations both sides must have a say in the out come of
a situation.

6. Do not use cheats, hacks or exploit features or bugs in the script or face a perm ban. Report the
bug on the forum so it can be corrected.

7. This is an English speaking server. If you wish to speak another language in character (IC),
go to the Book Emporium, learn that language, press F6 and click 'use' to speak it. If you
wish to speak another language OOC, do so through private messages (/pm [player name] [message]).

8. Don't mix out of Character (OOC) with In Character (IC). All OOC information is wrapped with
double brackets ((example)).

9. Respect all other players.

10. Do not role play raping another player or paedophilia.

11. Admin jail is OOC punishment therefore you are not allowed to role play in admin jail.

12. Do not heal during fights.

13. Do not bunny hop (jumping to get somewhere quicker).

14. Role play car jackings. Pressing the enter button to throw the driver out is not enough.

MTA Server Rules - Part II

15. Do not use abbreviations such as "lol, omg, wtf" in character.

16. Do not leave the game to avoid death, losing a role play situation or medic bills.

17. On here i don't mind if you provoke the police into chasing you but don't be mad if they tazz you a few times!!!

18. Do not share you account with anyone.

19. Do not transfer money or assets between two of your own characters. Stat transfers are
available to players who donate.

20. Characters cannot share a name with a celebrities or characters from movies, TV shows, games,
books or any other type of fictional material. Nicknames can not be used as ingame names. The
name you submit has to be the one that would be on your character's birth certificate. "Bdawg"
for instance is not a valid first name or surname. Nicknames can of course be used IC'ly.

21. You must have Faction Reviews permission to start any government faction, official or unofficial.

22. All scams must be carried out 100% in character. That means you cannot lie OOC to scam someone IC.
Adversely do not metagame that you are being scammed by asking question OOC.

23. A /me must be used when drawing all weapons.

24. The vehicle can not be in motion while the driver is sitting on the window in the
drive-by position.

25. A /me must clearly show other players what you intend to do, every /me that does not clearly show
other players what you're doing or trying to do (/me holsters/unholsters his/her gun) is not allowed.

26. Scamming during the process of buy or selling a vehicle is not allowed unless its all in character. All other scams are still allowed as long as its all in character.

Admins instructions are final. If an admins instructions goes against server rules press F12
to take a screenshot as proof in the event it becomes an issue.

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