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Robert Petre - Los Santos Towing & Recovery Leader Application

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Robert Petre - Los Santos Towing & Recovery Leader Application  Empty Robert Petre - Los Santos Towing & Recovery Leader Application

Post  Robert Petre Wed Dec 14, 2011 12:47 am

Forename ( First Real Name In Game ):Petre
Surname (Last Real Name In The Game):Robert
Phone Number:15719
Rank Wanted:Leader(CEO)
Address:Grove St. 14
D.O.B. (Date of Birth):01.05.1980
Languages Speaked:English,Romanian,Germany,Rusian
What was your previous employment, and why have you left:I dont have any previous employment.
Why are you applying for a position within the Los Santos Towing and Recovery Services:I finished the mechanich college so i looking for a job who need a little mechanich also i want to join to help people, impound vehicles and bikes and i need a job.
What skills do you possess, that you could bring with you into this position:I finished the mechanich college and also i am authorized to drive Heavy Truck.
Why should we choose you, over any other applicant:You should select me because like i said i finished mechanich college and i am authorized to drive Heavy Trucks.
Do you have a valid drivers license:Yes
Are You Authorized To Drive Heavy Trucks And Operate On Heavy Machines And Do You Have Any Mechanical Skills:Yes
And also be aware i will have a LSPD to check your background !!!!

( Education and training )
School:Teddy Roselvent Mechanich College
Did you graduate?:Yes with A+
In what class(es) did you graduate?:Mechanich,Police-Military
How many years did you attend it?:5
Additional information:I finished the Teddy Roselvent College with A+ in Mechanich and Police-Military, and now i study the Economy.
Have you had any Repo training in the past?:Yes
# If so what training:I worked in Construction in Liberty City where i learned how to use Heavy Machines and Tow Trucks.
# Date:10.08.2001
Have you had any medical training in the past?:Yes, and also i got a lifeguard certificate.
# If so what training:Medicine Basics
# Date:15.12.2011

Background and Driving Record Check
Have you ever been convicted in a crime/felony as an adult?:No
# If so, how many times were you convicted before?:0
# What was the nature of your offence(s)?:--
Do you agree on a criminal background check? (not all convictions are a straight denial):Yes i agree.
Have you ever been convicted in traffic violations?:No
# If so, what are your main traffic offences?:--
Do you have any truck driving experience?:Yes
What driver's license class(es) do you have?:Bike,Car,Heavy Trucks

Availability and Employment Information
In what time you're available to respond on any emergency calls?:Every time i will work 24/7
Are you currently employed? (Yes/No):Yes
# If so who is your present employer?:Gouverment-My Self
# Job title/function:Mechanich
# Time employed:1 day, i am new in town
# May we contact your previous employer?:Yes i dont have anything to hide.

Applicants Statement
I certify that all the information I have provided on this application is true and complete to the best of my
knowledge. I understand that giving false information or omitting information could result in rejection of
my application or dismissal if I am hired. I agree and understand this governments department rules.
I hereby state that I am in no possession of illegal fire arms or narcotics.
I know that by possessing these I can be directly fired without any warning.
By putting my signature below I acknowledge and fully agree to the rules and conditions that are stated above and required to be employed in the LSTR / Los Santos Towing and Recovery

Signature:Robert Petre

What times you are generally online:Well i am online all times until i go school.
How long have you been playing on Grimz Roleplay Server On MTA:A week
How active are you roughly in a weeks time? Server/Forum:15 Hours
Have you ever played on any other Role Play Server:Yes
# If So which:Paradox,Vallhala,Shodown,Mix Most,Radical
What’s your reasoning for wanting to join the Los Santos Towing and Recovery Services:I need a job, I really like this faction and i swear if you select me i will do the best job, you wont regret it.
Ever been banned/warned/jailed/kicked:No
# If so, for what:--
Robert Petre
Robert Petre
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