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Judge Of Law - Application Form Info Here

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Judge Of Law - Application Form Info Here  Empty Judge Of Law - Application Form Info Here

Post  Grim Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:34 am

(In Character Information )

First Name :

Last Name :

Phone Number :

Home Address :

Which Form Of Judge Of The Law Are You Asking To Be As In What Line Of Work ?

Drug Related Cases, Murder Cases, Misdemeanor Cases, Felony Cases, Traffic Court Cases ?

Please State What You Want To Be Lined Up For As Seeing The Position On Top :

Have You Ever Worked For The Law Or Government Before If So Please Explain

What Job You Had And In What Lines Of Fields You Worked In :

Are You Currently Employed Right Now If So What Job :

Have You Had Any Charges In Your Past :

And By Writing This Application Your Background Will Be Checked Always Before We Give You A Call .....

Your Signature To This Application Here And Date :

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