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Illegal Faction request (Gang)

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Illegal Faction request (Gang) Empty Illegal Faction request (Gang)

Post  John Betterson Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:56 pm

I want to have gang named "Bitch Blasters"
In this gang we will be able to sell weed and illegal weapons.

Student Blaster
Student Bitch
Student Bitch Blaster
Bitch Shooter
Bitch Blaster
Bitch Blaster King

The Bitch Blaster King (when someone comes in this rank they will decide who is accepted in the faction or not, if there are'nt anybody in this rank, this job will be mine.)

Bitch Blaster :Selling weed and weapons and first aid kit.

And as i have understand there is not possible to have an npc in new gangs? Well if it's, i would like to have one in front of my house. (3401 Ap.3)

We will mainly be selling Weed but also Guns.
I don't know how a gang gets these kind of stuff but i guess the leader have order it?

At the moment i have a clover that i would like to use as a faction car and if possible, if the faction does succes i will by new cars and then i would like to have those if possible.

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John Betterson
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