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The Force Matrix

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The Force Matrix Empty The Force Matrix

Post  the_legend_2828 Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:23 pm

This is a chart that tells police the appropriate response to crimes.

Force Level 1 (blue)
- Suspect may be verbally aggressive.
- Suspect may be showing aggression in his tone of speaking.
- Suspect may be taunting you, or using foul languages.

* Your actions
At this point in time you are to issue verbal warnings or gestures to calm them down. No physical contact may occur.

Force Level 2 (green)
- Suspect may have committed a crime.
- Suspect may be disobeying orders from a LEO.
- Suspect is hinting violent actions.
- Suspect is making aggressive movements or gestures.
- Suspect may be preparing for physical contact.
- Suspect may be increasingly aggressive.
- Suspect is showing disrespect.

* Your actions
At this point in time you may not use secondary equipment. move to a hands on approach of attempting to escort the person away from the situation or potential victims using voice commands and light gestures.

Force Level 3 (yellow)
- Suspect has committed a crime.
- Suspect may be making physical contact.
- Suspect may be using a non-lethal weapon.
- Suspect may be threatening lives.
- Suspect may be involved in a physical fight.

* Your actions
At this time you may use a tazer, pepperspray or a nightstick to detain them. Call a Code 3 backup if necessary. Do not withdraw a firearm.

Force Level 4 (orange)
- Suspect has or is committing a felony.
- Suspect is brandishing a firearm.
- Suspect may be actively aiming.
- Suspect may have vehicularly assaulted you.
- Suspect has placed lives in danger.
- Suspect may have seriously assaulted somebody.

* Your actions
At this time the suspect is threatening to end a human life. You may unholster and aim a firearm on the suspect. Do not fire unless the force reaches 5. Do not tazer the suspect if they are actively firing upon you.
You may warn them to put away or drop their firearm, if they do not comply after the fifth warning you may use your own judgment.

Force Level 5 (red)
- Suspect has or is committing a serious felony.
- Suspect is in the act of seriously assaulting someone.
- Suspect has a firearm and is aiming it.
- Suspect may be firing at you or civilians.
- Suspect may be in a vehicle attempting to hit you or civilians.
- Suspect may be fleeing after three warnings were issued.
- Suspect may have a hostage.

* Your actions
At this point you may open fire at the suspect and shoot to kill. Attempt to avoid such a situation if possible. If the suspect is attempting to escape in a vehicle, attempt to shoot out their tires - if you miss and the car begins to smoke you must cease fire and attempt P.I.T. maneuvers only.
It is suggested that you call for backup.

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