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SAST application - Joel Vercetti

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SAST application - Joel Vercetti Empty SAST application - Joel Vercetti

Post  jthemans Sat Mar 31, 2012 12:31 pm


Forename ( First Real Name In Game ) : Joel

Surname (Last Real Name In The Game ) : Vercetti

Phone Number: 80001

Address: Currently non specific so please forward my mail to City Hall

D.O.B. (Date of Birth): July 17th 1982

What was your previous employment, and why have you left?: SWAT member of the LSPD

Why are you applying for a position within the Los Santos State Police Department?: I am applying for state trooper because I already served for the LSPD and that felt great and I got promoted pretty quick due to my good work. I want a new adventure and a new carreer so that is why I choose to become a state trooper

What skills do you possess, that you could bring with you into this position?: I already am able to handle a gun, the police vehicles, while in a chase to make a P.I.T manouvre.

Why should we choose you, over any other applicant? Because I am a motivated and already skilled worker. I am a great team worker.

Do you have a valid drivers license? Yes

And also be aware i will have a LSPD to check your background !!!!

( Education and training )

School: Police academy, San Andreas Law study, San Andreas Police study
Did you graduate?: Yes
In what class(es) did you graduate?: All of mentioned above.
How many years did you attend it?: 6 Years
Additional information: N/A

Have you had any Police training in the past?: Yes
# If so what training:Las Venturas SWAT Academy
# Date: 5/06/2011
Have you had any medical training in the past?: Yes
# If so what training:Las Venturas Police Department
# Date:11/4/2007

Background and Driving Record Check

Have you ever been convicted in a crime/felony as an adult?: N/A
# If so, how many times were you convicted before?: N/A
# What was the nature of your offence(s)?: N/A
Do you agree on a criminal background check? (not all convictions are a straight denial): Yes I Agree

Have you ever been convicted in traffic violations?: Speeding ticket once
# If so, what are your main traffic offences?:N/A
Do you have any truck driving experience?: None
What driver's license class(es) do you have?: A

Availability and Employment Information

In what time you're available to respond on any emergency calls?: Always

Are you currently employed? (Yes/No): Yes
# If so who is your present employer?: N/A
# Job title/function: N/A
# Time employed: N/A
# May we contact your previous employer?: N/A

Applicants Statement

I certify that all the information I have provided on this application is true and complete to the best of my
knowledge. I understand that giving false information or omitting information could result in rejection of
my application or dismissal if I am hired. I agree and understand this governments department rules.
I hereby state that I am in no possession of illegal fire arms or narcotics.
I know that by possessing these I can be directly fired without any warning.

By putting my signature below I acknowledge and fully agree to the rules and conditions that are stated above and required to be employed in the LSPD

Signature: **Handwritten signature with a blue pen would be written Joel Vercetti**
Date: August 18th 2011


What times you are generally online: Around 4 O'clock GMT+1.

Age: 16

How long have you been playing on Grimz Roleplay Server On MTA? several weeks

How active are you roughly in a weeks time? Server/Forum?5 days a week

Have you ever played on any other Role Play Server? If So which? Valhalla Gaming

What’s your reasoning for wanting to join the Los Santos State Police Services? Have fun while being in there and create some good RP

Ever been banned/warned/jailed/kicked? If so, for what? N/A

Also When You Join This Faction There Will Be No Corruption What So Ever Meaning Dont Kill Dont Rob If You Want To Make A New Character And Do It On That One And Never Steal The Funds From Lses Thanks Have A Great Day Or Night

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