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Roleplaying With Guns Help Here !!!

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Roleplaying With Guns Help Here !!! Empty Roleplaying With Guns Help Here !!!

Post  Grim Sat Nov 05, 2011 5:25 am

A Few Tips When To Roleplay With Guns !!! Sometimes you mite wonder when will i need to roleplay with one cause you hear alot of people complain about hey man your not roleplaying getting your gun so lets say you have a pistol on you now you would need to roleplay where you take that gun from as long as it is realistic so lets say i had a Pistol under my belt in my pants i would need to roleplay pulling up my shirt and grabbing my pants from the area it was then whatever you do after that is up to the roleplay you or whoever else you are roleplaying with or doing.. Now lets say you have a Ak-47 you can't just scroll weapons even if you have a pistol on you also or whatever so lets say for right now you only have the Ak-47 and you want to pull it out because someone is trying to kill you then you would need to do the same as the pistol pretty much sept AK-47's are big guns so they wont fit under your pants or whatever they could be attached on your back with some gun straps or in your car or truck so with that being said just make sure you have a good place to put them so you can have a good roleplay of where you got your gun out from to show it off or use it now lets say you have a AK-47 and a Pistol don't just scroll weapons from your AK to your Pistol because you would need to eather lay down the AK-47 and then grab your pistol like if your in a gun battle in order to witch when you drop something it is automatically roleplayed so you won't have to worry much about that one so if your in a gun battle rember don't scroll weapons and just drop it then take out your gun of corse roll play it and do your thing....

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