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Gang Rules

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Gang Rules Empty Gang Rules

Post  GrimzRoleplay Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:58 pm

General Behaviour
Forum fighting will not be tolerated.
Keep OOC and IC matters separate.
When killed you have every right to ask politely what happened and why but never become abusive. Anyone harassing, whining or being abusive to another player will be punished.
Gang wars need to be RPed and must have a valid reason for them to occur.
There must be some face to face RP to start the war.
Gang wars are between gang members only. That means no civilians or Mafia factions should be assisting.
You can only attack a rival gang when there are two or more members online.
If you are killed in a gang conflict you cannot take part in any retaliation your surviving faction members conduct within the following hour.
Attack with realistic weapons. Suggestions: Pistols, Shotguns, Uzi, Tec-9, Rifle & Molotov and of course melee weapons.
Valid Reasons to Fight
Drug Turf
Arms Dealing
Turf Encroachment
RP injuries. You are a gang member, not superman.
No Death matching. Every single kill must have an RP reason. MURDER IS A LAST RESORT!
Opt for melee weapons whenever possible. Always result to beating someone up rather than shooting.
Obey your gang rules around ranks and guns
Kill a cop and expect to spend a long time in jail.
Drive-bys are limited to one per day on a per player basis. This means each member is entitled to one drive-by a day. Gang members do not have to do it at the same time.
Do these sparingly and strategically.
You can only use /glue in a pickup truck or similar type vehicle.
Hit once, and leave, do not circle back and hit again.
The car cannot move while the driver is sitting on the car window.
Someone being in your turf is not a reason to kill them. If a rival gang member is in your turf, but isn't doing anything; warn them, rough them up but try not to kill them.
If you see a civilian walking around, they have a right to be there, do not death match them.
Tag up your ‘hood. Make sure it's known where your territory is.
Do RP things around your hood. Gang members rarely leave their familiar settings.
Tag to claim turf. Don't just go tagging around a rival gang's hood just to show them you can.
Vehicle Tyre Slashing
Do not go to an enemy HQ and pop all the tires on their vehicles when less than two members of that faction are online.
After a war was or is started you may do drive by's on your enemy's turf
Do not metagame car colours outside of that factions turf.
Do not metagame names
Do not metagame HQ's and turf
Do not metagame potential CK's/PK's

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