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Post  juby020 Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:03 pm



We were a close family in Italy, our cousin went to Los Santos to get a good education he was the smartest and most legal of us. Later that year we got a letter in the mail from our cousin saying he's having trouble with the locals. He then told us they are extorting him for money and will murder him. So once we heard this we all gathered up as a family in Los Santos. Once we got there we searched for our cousin later to find he had been murdered. We have still not found the people who killed him, but when we do, they will pay. It is our main goal.

[Reason for making the faction]

We would like to make this faction so we can get our revenge on those assholes, take over the guns and drugs business in Los Santos, and help out anybody from the Italian descent. We would also like to make this faction so when people see us they know not to mess around.


Bosses: Daquan Dinapoli & Justin Dinapoli
Original Gangster: Ryan Dinapoli & Ben Dinapoli
Young Hustlers: Heaven Dinapoli & Eric Byars
Soldiers: Peter Dinapoli, Steven Dinapoli, Kevin Hartman, Brian [something]


Bosses: $1500
Original Gangster: $1000
Young Hustlers: $800
Soldiers: $300

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