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Pilot License -Joel Smith

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Pilot License -Joel Smith Empty Pilot License -Joel Smith

Post  jthemans Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:17 pm

[In Character Information]]

•First Name:Joel
•Last Name:Smith
•Contact Number:80001
•Date of birth: 17.071984
•Age: 28
•Address: Currently none specific please forward my mail to City Hall

•Why are you applying for a pilots license?: Because I want to be in the LSPD air unit, currently we have no one using the air unit and because of this we lose a lot of suspects during a chase. So I applyed for this because I want to fly the air unit and chase them from the air. I also want this because I always loved flying and with the flying license I won't only use it for the Maverick at the LSPD but also maybe in my freetime and mabye later get my own helicopter.

•Have you had any previous experience in flying helicopters/planes before?: None

•Are you afraid of heights?: Yes [ ] No [x ]

•Have you committed any crimes?: (Please List) None

•Do you promise not to give your license to anybody else? Yes [ x] No [ ]

•Do you agree that if you fail the final test you will may be charged again? Yes [x ] No [ ]

[[Out of character information]]

•RL Age?:16
•What country do you live in?: The Netherlands
•How long have you been RolePlaying here at Grimz?: Not very long.
•What is your timezone? (GMT): GMT+1
•What other factions are you affiliated with?: LSPD only
•Ever got jailed/warned/banned? If yes, for what reason?: -
•Do you understand and agree that your Administration record may be researched?:Yes

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