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Post  ben9922 Mon Mar 12, 2012 7:55 pm

Your In-Game Account Name (Previous/Current]: Ben9922
Your real-life Age: 17
Country of Residence: Canada
Timezone: Est
How long have you been on Grimz?: Well I tried playing a few months back, but just started again now like 2 days ago.

Have you ever...

... been warned or banned on the Grimz Roleplay Server? If so, why?: No.

... hacked on another server? If so, do you still use hacks or any mods?: No.

... been an admin on any other server?: Yes, a few servers. Armada Gaming, Cylus and Asylum.

... are you currently an Administrator on another server?: Yes, but not for long since I've started playing here. ( When I'm an Admin I'm dedicated to that server. )

... played on any other roleplay servers? If yes, which?: Almost every MTA RP server, and quite a few SAMP ones..
- Valhalla (Rich RPer there) SAMP and GTA
- Armada
- Asylum
- Cylus
- More, just can't remember.

Why do you want to become an Administrator?: I want to become an Administrator because I've got GREAT RP skills.
As well I'd like to become an Admin because I'd like to help the newer players and perhaps even teach some new players how to Role-Play.
Also I'd like to become an Administrator so I can answer reports as I usually end up having nothing to do when there are few online.

What do you think an administrator does here?:
I believe an Administrator does their very best to assist the players here, and help the community grow and make sure people don't get frustrated over small bugs like falling through interiors.

What would you bring to the Grimz Administration team as in skills and ect?:
Well, I've got GREAT RP skills as well I'm a great communicator and I work well in a team.
If I was an Admin I'd make sure to make some time during the day just to assist players via the Report system.
I'd also help bring players to the server, as I've brought about 4-8 from Valhalla so far. I plan on bringing more.

How would you correct the problems in our server (if any) if made administrator?:
Well, it depends on the problem?

If the problem was something simple, I'd just simply fix it or if it was a complex problem I would use /a and ask if anyone knew what to do.

What are your goals as a Member and if made a Grimz Administrator?:
Well, my ultimate goal as a Grimz member is to enjoy my Role-Play experience.
If I was an Administrator my main goal would be to assist players in achieving the best Role-Play experience, then put my Role-Play second.

Rephrase four ingame rules in your own words, and provide examples. Also, tell what admin action are you going to take against them (Pick them yourself):

Metagaming = Using OOC information ICly, Example. "Ben_D: /b I just stole his car haha Joseph D: /me quickly reachs to his holster pulling his pistol out , /t You're under arrest the vehicle is stolen!"

Powergaming = Forcing your Role-Play upon another, without giving them the chance to react or Role-Play back. Example " Ben_D: /me quickly reachs towards Joseph's hands forcing Joseph onto the ground and handcuffing him"

The PROPER Role-Play would've went sort've like this. "Ben_D: /me quickly runs up towards Joseph attempting to push him to the ground, Joseph_D: /do You'd succeed Ben_D: /me quickly attempts to grab Joseph's hand one by one cuffing them together. Joseph_d: /do You'd succeed, slowly cuffing Joseph's wrists together."

Bunny hopping = Jumping around from place to place just to get somewhere faster, includes no RP.

Death Matching AKA_DM = Attacking another player for absolutely no RP reason.

Revenge Killing AKA_RK = Killing another player for killing you, this wouldn't be RP as you would have no memory of the other player.

Do you understand, providing false information may lead to a ban?: Of course, I understand.

If accepted, do you promise to be active and accept that if your not active that you may not ever get admin again?: Yep, I'll be playing quite often.

Will you listen to the higher ups and always do your admin work, fairly and accurately according to the rules of Grimz?: Yes.

Also one thing if you abuse once your done being admin spawning weapons money and ect so by this do you agree to never spawn money, weapons , cars and items?!?: I agree I will not spawn money, weapons, cars and items if I do not require spawning them (I.e Reports if I become a higher ranking Admin.)

Do not be mean to players try your best to get along with them and help them when it is needed even if they are being mean just accept some people are like that and its a way of life at times so try to be nice even to the ones that are mean to us if they break the rules jail them if they are new help them because being a admin is not just about having powers it is about helping others the best you and we can thats the Rule 1 of our Admin Team do you agree ?: Yes.

-Any Players Who Avertize Do Not Warn Them Because Advertising Other Servers Lead Into A Permanent Ban And A Range Ban Meaning They Are Never Welcome Back.. So Understand If You Let Them Stay With A Warning Your Admin Will Be Took !!!!

Any contact information you can provide? [MSN/Email]: you can refer to me on skype as Ben0656.

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Ben Dinapoli (Admin APP) Empty Re: Ben Dinapoli (Admin APP)

Post  the_legend_2828 Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:25 pm

You need 80 hrs in game to apply for admin so this is auto denied. Feel free to apply again after you get more hours.

Sincerely, Ryan McCoy.

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