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[Justin Dinapoli] - [Admin Application]

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[Justin Dinapoli] - [Admin Application] Empty [Justin Dinapoli] - [Admin Application]

Post  juby020 Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:12 pm

Your In-Game Account Name (Previous/Current]: Justin Dinapoli
Your real-life Age: 14 (I'm mature for my age)
Country of Residence: Canada
Timezone: -5 GMT (Eastern Time)
How long have you been on Grimz?: I've been on Grimz for about 1-2 months.

Have you ever...

... been warned or banned on the Grimz Roleplay Server? If so, why?: No I have not.

... hacked on another server? If so, do you still use hacks or any mods?: No I don't know how to hack and will never hack.

... been an admin on any other server?: I have had some experience on some other servers but they were not official servers (Just for fun servers), I have also had trial admin for Grimz.

... are you currently an Administrator on another server?: No I am not.

... played on any other roleplay servers? If yes, which?: Yes, Valhalla.

Why do you want to become an Administrator?: I want to become an admin on this server because I am very dedicated to this server and I play it almost any chance I can if it isn't down. I wan't to help out the new people that come to the server because I am a very helpful person, I can also take it when a lot of people ask me questions (I don't rage). I have experienced a couple times when there are no admins online when a couple others are and they have no one to help them so if I was admin I could help. Overall I would just like to be here to help out when I am needed.

What do you think an administrator does here?: I think an admin helps out the people on the server by answering their questions/reports. They also spectate the server for anyone that is disobeying the rules and doing things such as trolling and making others unhappy.

What would you bring to the Grimz Administration team as in skills and ect?: If I were apart of the Grimz administration team I would bring help when needed, respect, loyalty, and I am on the server a lot so there will always be an admin online hopefully.

How would you correct the problems in our server (if any) if made administrator?: If I were made admin and there were any problems I would do what I think is right to fix the problem depending on what it is. If it was a problem that my rank (of admin) couldn't fix I would let a higher admin know about the situation and let them deal with it.

What are your goals as a Member and if made a Grimz Administrator?: My goals as a player/admin is to keep the server active and make others feel like they are welcome to this server always. I also would like to become a high member on this server so I can help out anyone in need.

Rephrase four ingame rules in your own words, and provide examples. Also, tell what admin action are you going to take against them (Pick them yourself):

1. Do not DM (Death match) - This means do not kill another player randomly with no RP (roleplay) reason. (Ex: If someone was walking down the street, seen a guy and just started shooting at him for no RP reason at all). If I were to see this happening I would give the player a warn one time, then adminjail if they continued, if the player continued, I would jail again, then if the player continued I would Ban (give a reasonable ban time).

2. Do not RK (Revenge kill) - This means do not go and kill someone back after you were killed ICly. (Ex: If someone was killed ICly and he came back to the guy who killed him, and killed the guy who killed him back for no reason). If I were to see this happening I would give the player a warn, then a adminjail if they continued, if the player continued more, I would jail again, then if the player continued I would Ban (give a reasonable ban time).

3. Do not MG (Meta game) - This means do not use OOC (out of character) infotmation IC (in character) and vice versa. (Ex: If a player /pmed another player saying something like 'Hey, i'm over at IGS come help me Im getting robbed' < they would be telling their friend something that is happening ICly, OOCly). If I were to see this happening I would give the player that was MGing a warn not to MG then If they continued I would give them a jail, then if they continued I would give them a ban depending on how bad the MG was and how many times they did it.

4. Do not PG (Power game) - This means do not force your roleplay over someone elses. (Ex. If someone was roleplaying and one of the players in the RP say something like '/me walks up to the man pulls out his gun and shoots the man in his face killing him' < in this situation the player being killed had no chance to react). If I were to see this happening I would give the player that was PGing I would tp the player to a place with no one else, and give him/her RP lessons (if the player doesn't cooperate I would freeze them), If the player continued to PG I would warn them again about what they have to do and if they continued to PG I would jail, and if they continued after that I would have to ban them. (1hour ban first then more and more)

Do you understand, providing false information may lead to a ban?: Yes I understand.

If accepted, do you promise to be active and accept that if your not active that you may not ever get admin again?: Yes I do accept this.

Will you listen to the higher ups and always do your admin work, fairly and accurately according to the rules of Grimz?: Yes I will always.

Also one thing if you abuse once your done being admin spawning weapons money and ect so by this do you agree to never spawn money, weapons , cars and items?!?: Yes I accept this.

Do not be mean to players try your best to get along with them and help them when it is needed even if they are being mean just accept some people are like that and its a way of life at times so try to be nice even to the ones that are mean to us if they break the rules jail them if they are new help them because being a admin is not just about having powers it is about helping others the best you and we can thats the Rule 1 of our Admin Team do you agree ?: Yes I agree.

-Any Players Who Avertize Do Not Warn Them Because Advertising Other Servers Lead Into A Permanent Ban And A Range Ban Meaning They Are Never Welcome Back.. So Understand If You Let Them Stay With A Warning Your Admin Will Be Took !!!!

Any contact information you can provide? [MSN/Email]:
[Email] - justin.delmonaco@hotmail.com
[Skype] - justin_del_monaco

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[Justin Dinapoli] - [Admin Application] Empty Re: [Justin Dinapoli] - [Admin Application]

Post  the_legend_2828 Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:27 pm

I'm pretty sure you have 80 hrs and I think this is a good app other than your age but from my experience I think you would be a good fit. Support %100.

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[Justin Dinapoli] - [Admin Application] Empty Ehmm

Post  TylerO Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:04 pm

I know im not supposed to post on admin apps, but i think Grimz is lacking players and will have more admins that players.

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[Justin Dinapoli] - [Admin Application] Empty Re: [Justin Dinapoli] - [Admin Application]

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