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Post  FrankBlack Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:50 pm

Your In-Game Account Name (Previous/Current]:Frank Black
Your real-life Age: 17
Country of Residence: Usa
Timezone: (GMT-5:00) Eastern Time
How long have you been on Grimz?: Snice it was up then it got shut down then i back on it

Have you ever...

... been warned or banned on the Grimz Roleplay Server? If so, why?: I have never been Warned or Banned From Grimz Roleplay Server.

... hacked on another server? If so, do you still use hacks?:
I had Never Hack on Any server im am a Hard worker

... been an admin on any other server?: Yes I have on Sa-mp server and 1 Mta server

... are you currently an Administrator on another server?:No

... played on any other roleplay servers? If yes, which?: Yes i have the server name is

Why do you want to become an Administrator?: I want to be an Adminnistrator because i love helping New people teaching people how to roleplay.and stop people from Dming and Mg

What do you think an administrator does here?: an Admin help player play the Right way and helping out people

What would you bring to the Grimz Administration team?: I will Bring Nice Script More players from my Facebook Friends and my Youtube Fans that like playing MTA.

What are your goals as a Member and if made a Grimz Administrator?:
My Goal as a Member is to Be A helpful player and Roleplay Good

Do you understand, providing false information may lead to a ban?:

If accepted, do you promise to be active and accept that if your not active that you may not ever get admin again?: Yes i will Promise i will try to come on the server Everyday

Will you listen to the higher ups and always do your admin work, fairly and accurately according to the rules of Grimz Roleplay?:
Yes always

Any contact information you can provide? [Email]:Tyquannedwards at ymail.com

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