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South Side 13 Gang

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South Side 13 Gang  Empty South Side 13 Gang

Post  Grim Tue Sep 20, 2011 4:30 am

A Gang With Blue Bandannas Around Idlewood Gas Station And Near Grove Street In The Projects The Blue Ones... The Southside 13 Have Real High Connections To The Bigger Guns And Drugs Around The City And Who Is A Good Member With Them May Be Able To Get Them For Cheaper Sometimes They Are Willing To Be Called For A Truce With Rival Gangs And Are Eazy To Break It If The Rival Gang Don't Keep There Word Most Would Think They Don't Make Alot Of Money But Thats A Understatement Even The Cops Get Nervous Just Pulling A Single Member Over.... If You Want To Join Just Say So..

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